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Directions to Los Coyotes Reservation Campgrounds

Getting Here: Los Coyotes Indian Reservation is located near Warner Springs in San Diego County. There is only one-way in. 


  • In Warner Springs, from the CA 79 highway turn onto Camino San Ignacio


  • Drive 5 miles on Camino San Ignacio until you reach the Ranger Station


  • Check in with the Ranger and pay the day use fee ($10 per person) cash or card accepted.

  • Continue on Camino San Ignacio for 2.7 miles

  • DO NOT turn onto any roads, follow the paved road


  • During this section the paved road will turn into a graded dirt road, this transition is marked by a stop sign, continue driving

  • GATE HOURS 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Monday through Sunday (If you arrive early, you will end up waiting for entry) Current as of August 23rd, 2021.

  • Continue through the gate onto the dirt road. Your drive will lead you to a sign that says "Trailhead Parking"

  • You may park anywhere in this area but do not block roads or gates. Be aware of hanging/dead limbs when parking under trees


1. Parking Sign

2. LC Sign Post

3. Stone Tank

  • The trail head for Hot Springs Mountain is at Sukat Road. It is North of the water tank and marked by a chain link gate with a sign that says "Trail Entrance".

Hot Springs Mountain

Trail Head

Click here for more information about the trail to Hot Springs Mountain

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